Our products / coatings thickness measurement device - 1 measuring head standard

Thick metallic coatings

Measuring range 1µm-1mm
Accuracy <2µm
Repeatability 1µm
Angle tolerance ±2°

Paints and polymeric, organic coatings

Measuring range 1µm-500µm
Accuracy <0.5µm
Repeatability 0.3µm
Angle tolerance ±30°

Submicrometric coatings (physical, metallic...)

Measuring range 10nm-1µm
Accuracy <20nm
Repeatability 10nm
Angle tolerance ±10°

Measuring duration
0,1s to 2s
Optical power
0,01W to 10W
Distance between probe and part
40mm ± 1 to 10mm with standard head

450mm ± 100mm with long distance objective (option)

Spot sizes
Ø 0,3mm - 0,6mm – 2mm – 10mm
Minimum repetition time
Measuring head : 86 x 41 x 32 mm

Command box : 373 x 247 x 88 mm
Measuring head : 0,18 kg

Command box : 3 kg
Length of the cables between measuring head and command box
1 – 20 m
Power input
100 – 240 Vac 50 – 60 Hz 4.5 – 2.5 A
Room temperature
Part temperature
0-40°C without correction

0-800°C with correction
Data communication protocol
TCP/IP – Ethernet IP
Input protocol
TTL 0-5V

Performances depending on the applications


Réference Name Status Price Datasheet
C1FP1-980LV1M04LN0 - 1T03L 1W - 980nm Available On quotation English French
C1FP4-980LV1M04LN0 - 1T03L 4W - 980nm Available On quotation English French
C1FP10-980LV1M04LN0 - 1T03L 10W - 980nm Available On quotation English French

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