Our products / hand-held module for measuring head

This module has been developed to allow human operators to perform measurements.

• Light-weighted

• Easy to use

• Special design for simple output of cable and optical fiber

• Contact end for precise positioning and operator safety

• LCD screen for real-time display of result of measurement

The hand-held module is an accessory of a standard enovasense device. The measuring head is placed permanently into the hand-held module. The whole measuring head and hand-held module system are linked to the enovasense command box with a LEMO cable and an optical fiber. 

The hand-held device comes directly into contact with the part to measure. The cables between the hand-held measuring head and the command box can be 2m, 8m or 10m. 


Réference Name Status Price Datasheet
AC-HH0101 Hand-held module for measuring head Available On quotation English