Industrial coatings thickness measurement
Contactless - Non-destructive - Real-time
Quality control at the heart of the production

Products & Technology

Innovative devices for the thickness control of industrial coatings:


The Enovasense solution enables to proceed to thickness measurement without any contact necessary. The use of a laser and an infra-red sensor make possible a coating analysis at a distance of 5 to 20 cm.

This allows to realise the measurement of coated pieces in the environment of their industrial deposition : on moving pieces, at a high temperature, or on fragile or humid pieces...

Non destructive

The laser heats very mildly the part to be analysed, so that neither the coating nor the main component are damaged or altered during the measurement process. 

This enables systematic analysis of every piece on a production line, even where the existing methods used to require to destroy a proof.


The measurement process does not take longer than a second.

The Enovasense solution relies on a physical model which allows pre-calibration according to the environment in which it operates. The calibration phase is much lighter and faster that most existing methods. It can even be completely ignored on some industrial applications.



Geoffrey Bruno and Jean Inard-Charvin, Enovasense founders at the French National Meeting of Chief Innovation Officers in Paris on June 18th, 2014 (in French)

Geoffrey Bruno and Jean Inard-Charvin, Enovasense founders at Innovation Tuesdayon april 8th, 2014 (in French)



To measure zinc thickness on steel at high temperatures.


To measure engine coatings during deposition.

Automotive industry

To measure paint thickness.


our business

Enovasense develops an innovative technology for the control of the thickness of all kinds of coatings (paint, polymers, organic, ceramic, metal, clearcoat, glue, etc) on all kinds of substrates.

This laser device allows a quick ponctual measurement, without any contact with the part to measure and non destructive.

Those advantages allow to control the thickness of up to 100% parts into the production lines.

The non contact measurement allows to have a real-time feedback of the deposition process, even on parts on which the coating is for example still wet, not polymerised, hard to reach, or on parts that are moving in the production line, still hot, etc...

Industrial process optimisation, material savings, higher quality level, better production monitoring, time saved on measurement... there are plenty of gains sources for industrials.

Enovasense has implantation references in Europe and Asia on a wide range of markets such as automotive, aeronautics, metalworking, housing, consumer goods, watchmaking, jewellery...

Enovasense technology, worldwide patented, has been awarded at World Innovation Challenge and French Research Ministry Challenge. Enovasense is a team of R&D engineers specialized in optics and photonics, focused on their core competences, assisted by a scientific board, a strategic board and a venture capital fund.

Jean Inard-Charvin

Optical engineer, graduate from Institut d'Optique ParisTech
HEC Paris training - From Technology to Entrepreneurship
Rochester NY University (2011)
Beijing Language and Culture University (2010)

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Geoffrey Bruno

Executive Director
Optical engineer, graduate from Institut d'Optique ParisTech
Atomic Energy Commission of the French government (2011)
Thalès Alenia Space (2010)

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Lauréat du Concours Mondial d'Innovation
Lauréat 2013 du Concours national du Ministère de la Recherche
Lauréat 2014 du Concours i-Lab du Ministère de la Recherche
Lauréat 2013 de Scientipôle Initiative
Lauréat du Réseau Entreprendre


Projet issu de la Filière Innovation Entrepreneurs de l'Institut d'Optique
Membre d'Incuballiance, incubateur technologique d'Ile-de-France
Soutenu par BpiFrance
Membre du pôle de compétitivité Moveo
Membre d'Optics Valley, cluster d'entreprises de la filière optique


Enovasense will be at Automechanika fair in Frankfurt from 13 to 17th of April : Hall 1.1 - Stand A24A

Enovasense will be on Control fair in Stuttgart from 26 to 29th of April : Hall 1 - Stand 1230

Enovasense is the innovative company of the week in l'Usine Nouvelle

Enovasense has moved to the Villejuif Biopark!

Enovasense attended a reception at the Elysee palace after winning the World Innovation Competition

Enovasense was invited at the Ministry of Higher Education and Research after winning the National Business Creation Competition

Enovasense is part of the Industrial Network & Systems roundtable at the Directors of Innovation National Meeting