Innovative devices for the thickness control of industrial coatings


The Enovasense solution enables to proceed to thickness measurement without any contact necessary. The use of a laser and an infra-red sensor make possible a coating analysis at a distance of 5 to 20 cm.

This allows to realise the measurement of coated pieces in the environment of their industrial deposition : on moving pieces, at a high temperature, or on fragile or humid pieces...

Non destructive

The laser heats very mildly the part to be analysed, so that neither the coating nor the main component are damaged or altered during the measurement process. 

This enables systematic analysis of every piece on a production line, even where the existing methods used to require to destroy a proof.


The measurement process does not take longer than a second.

The Enovasense solution relies on a physical model which allows pre-calibration according to the environment in which it operates. The calibration phase is much lighter and faster that most existing methods. It can even be completely ignored on some industrial applications.



Automated thickness measurement for continuous powder painting lines

Coil coating in-line thickness measurement with Enovasense sensors

Hako L - Enovasense 3D coating thickness control station

Enovasense technical presentation

The HAKO-XL from Enovasense is a machine that analyzes very quickly automotive engine blocks to map the thickness value of a thermally sprayed coating inside the cylinders

Control of the thickness of thermal treatments with Enovasense HAKO-L control station