Applications / fuel cell bipolar plates

Precitec Enovasense sensor technology can measure fuel cell coatings with an outstanding level of precision. RMS repeatability levels as low as 0.1μm can be obtained on a typical 10μm thick layer.
Carbon-based layers deposited in thin-width fuel cell flow fields can be measured using the small 0.3mm laser spot size – just one of many examples.
Measurement of anti-corrosion and conductive nickel metallization layers of 10-200μm on electrolysis fuel cells is also validated. Moreover, the technology is capable of measuring sealing bands coated on the edges of a bipolar plate.
The sensor head can easily be integrated into a production process thanks to its ultra-compact dimensions and low weight (as little as 150g), its high distance (±10mm) and angle (±50°) tolerance, and its independence of part geometry, vibrations and temperature. The measurement data are automatically stored and archived, and data streamed live to the line controller.


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