Applications / laser cladding layers on brake discs : thickness control

Precitec Enovasense sensor technology can measure the entire track surface with an outstanding level of precision. RMS repeatability levels down to 1 μm can be obtained on a typical 350 μm thick layer. In a study performed in collaboration with Laserline, one of the leaders in laser-cladding technology, Precitec was able to perform a full thickness mapping of four brake disc sections with various thickness levels of 316L stainless steel with titanium carbides on the cast-iron substrate. The sensor head can easily be integrated into a production process thanks to its ultra-compact dimensions, low weight (as little as 150 g), and independence of part curvature, vibrations, or temperature. The measurement data are automatically stored and archived, with the data streamed live to the line controller. The sensor can also be embedded in the fully automated 3-axis control station HKL2 for at-line
measurement. In this control station, pre-programmed cycles allow many measuring points on a given brake disc to be covered in just a few seconds.


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