Applications / pyrolitic carbon and vapor deposited ceramic carbides (cvd) : thickness measurement

Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) processes for coatings of pyrolytic carbon and/or ceramic carbides give to graphite, composite, metallic, ceramic substrates some technical characteristics of very high performances, due to the nature of the coatings but also to their specific microstructure.

The control of the deposited thickness is then imperative for those applications, especially due to the process of CVD, with the variations of thickness being possibly very important inside a given cycle, a given chamber or even on a given part in different zones.

  • Contactless and nondestructive measurement
  • Measurement possible right out of the oven
  • Very wide available thickness range (0,1 to 600 µm depending on the application)
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Very precise spatial resolution
  • Low measuring time of about 1 second
  • Compact and light sensor easily embedded for an automatised control of complex parts or of large dimensions
  • Several measurable materials with a same system 


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