Applications / coatings on orthopedic implants : thickness measurement

The Enovasense technology, especially integrated into the Hako L control station allows to make fast and contactless measurement of the thickness of metallic and ceramic deposition on medical implants.

This is especially important for titanium or hydroxyapatite (HAP) deposited by plasma spray or by other means on hip, knee, finger... implants and prostheses in inox, titanium or chromium-cobalt...

The Hako L control station allows to automate series of measurement points in different locations of a part and to scan by this way groups of several parts in a fast and repeatable way.

The big thing with Enovasense measurement on this application is the strong reproductibility of the measurement and a low dependance on the positionning of the sensor towards the part.

Also, contrary to existing techniques, using Enovasense technology on this application allows to avoid a pre-measurement before the deposition of the coating and allows the need of an extremely precise positionning of the parts.

The signal colleted by the Enovasense sensor is directly correlated to the layer thickness and not to the difference between a coated and a non coated part.


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