Applications / coatings and paints in tubes and pipes : thickness measurement

Tubes and pipes used for example in the Oil and gas, drinkable water or chemestry industry often have anticorrosion coatings deposited on the outside or on the inside.

Those coatings can be special paints, thermoplastic polymers or metallic layers deposited by plasma thermal spray or galvanising.

The Enovasense technology provides a solution for measuring the thickness of those coatings that is non destructive, fast, integrable into the production line for a measurement of the exterior or interior of the tubes.

• Fast and non destructive control
• Very compact measuring head
• High measurement repeatability
• Possibility to use an angle changing tool to measure inside narrow tubes and pipes.
• Possibility to measure tubes and pipes when they are moving or rotating in the production line
• Possible use for measuring paint, thermal spray coatings, thermoplastic coatings, galvanizing…
• Possible use for Oil and Gas, drinking water… markets
• Live communication stream of data to line controller

Advantages and savings :

• Nondestructive and fast measurement allows to improve precision, gain time and increase the number of data compared to cross section and profilometer measurements.
• It also allows to optimize the quantity of paint deposited and a reduction of the weight of the parts


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