Products / moving line fixture of xxmm width with transversal moving axis

This moving line fixture allows to measure parts moving horizontally with a certain speed.

This allows to measure regular points along the produced parts allowing a 100% following of the production situation.

The axis allows to measure at different widths positions on the part.

  • Completely automated design
  • Special harsh environment protection of the measuring head and the command box
  • Regular automated calibration check in position zero in the head protection box
  • Dust-isolated and temperature regulated electrical cabinet for the command box and axis controller
  • Simple IHM and display of the measurements
  • Simple saving of the measurements (with reference name of the part or of the lot)
  • Simple output of the measurement (csv, txt formats or other industrial communication protocols)

The moving line integration is composed of a profile structure, a protection for the measuring head, an automated axis for the movement of the head, a recalibration and protection box and an electrical cabinet.

The axis, the head and its protection are fixed on the structure. The recalibration and protection box is placed at position 0 of the axis. The electrical cabinet is placed on a side of the line and is connected to the measuring head and communicates the data to the external system of the line.  


Réference Name Status Price Datasheet
INT02-MLXX-MA1 Moving line fixture of xxmm width with transversal moving axis Available On quotation English